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We welcome any and all interest to join Free State Flying Club! With our membership changing as people come and go, we recommend reaching out via our Contact Us page to first learn about our club and get your name on our waiting list for membership. The club has at least 26 members and at most 28 members, which allows flexibility to welcome new members as opportunities arise. Once we have an opening, we will reach out to schedule time to get to know you and you our club.

Here's what makes for a great member:

  1. You're passionate about aviation, want to further that passion in the community, and eager to learn and grow in a group setting.

  2. You're interested in contributing as an airplane owner, which means helping out in club wash and waxes.

  3. You're currently a pilot! To fly in our club, you are required to have at least a recreational pilot certificate (Private Pilot or greater preferred) and a FRZ PIN to operate in and out of College Park Airport. All new members must also obtain a checkout in our airplane with a club instructor.

Our club rates vary over time, but are currently as follows:

  • Share Value: contact for more information, refundable upon leaving the club

  • Monthly Dues: ~$85/mo

  • 34H (C172) Flying Rate: ~$99/tach hour, adjusted for the cost of fuel at College Park

  • 7SM (C177) Flying Rate: ~$115/tach hour, adjusted for the cost of fuel at College Park

  • Members with balances greater than $300 in their account receive a 10% credit for additional account deposits

AOPA did a Club Spotlight article on the Free State Flying Club member selection process, which is recommended reading for prospective new members.